3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Drain Cleaning

Posted on: 28 June 2017


When is the last time that you had your drains cleaned out by a professional? Have you ever even had them inspected to find out if a cleaning is necessary? Most people give little thought to their drains. As long as the drains aren't completely clogged, it's assumed that everything is fine with them. Unfortunately, there are several things that can cause a drain to clog without it being immediately obvious. If you've never had your sewer drain inspected and cleaned, here are some reasons why you should correct that oversight:

Sagging pipes: As sewer pipes age, the soil around them can start to settle. This can create a section of the pipe that is lower than your septic tank inlet or the attachment to the city sewer line. This dip can start to gather sewage solids, such as bits of bathroom tissue, that will slowly start to block the drainage. A thorough drain cleaning can reveal an issue in the making. You may want to confirm by also paying for a camera inspection of the pipe, but this isn't always necessary. Depending on the extent of the sag and the age of the pipe, knowing about the sag can allow you to either pay to have that segment lifted or for the entire septic line to be replaced.

Root growth: To a plant, sewer waste is irresistible. Not only is there abundant water, but the sewage solids contain nitrogen and other compounds that plants need. If your sewer pipe has even the smallest leak, nearby plant roots can eventually find this leak and force their way into the pipe. Once inside, they'll start to grow and take over the entire pipe, leading to a completely clogged pipe. Although there are chemicals that you can pour down the drain to stop some root growth, a good drain cleaning may be necessary if the growth has gone unchecked for too long.

Flushed objects: If you have a small child, chances are good that he or she may have flushed small toys down the toilet without you knowing about it. Even if you don't have a small child, the house's previous owners may have had a child who did this or they may have flushed non-flushable kitty litter down. These solid objects can get stuck in even brand new sewer lines, eventually creating a serious blockage. If you've never had a drain cleaning and inspection performed since you moved into the house, now is a good time to do so.

Contact a company that specializes in septic and sewage services, like Advanced Sewer & Drain Cleaning, to help you figure out the best plan for checking and cleaning your drains.