Renting Portable Toilets For An Outdoor Wedding: Five Tips To Avoid Embarrassing Mishaps

Posted on: 27 July 2017


If you are having an outdoor wedding, it will be important to make sure there are enough bathroom facilities for your guests to use. Generally, renting a few portable bathrooms is the way to go. However, this process is not always as simple as it may seem when you're planning such a classy affair! Here are five tips to avoid embarrassing mishaps (and annoyed guests) when renting bathrooms for an outdoor wedding.

Go with full bathrooms, not just portable toilets

Can you imagine trying to use a small portable toilet in a dress without accidentally making a mess? It's as tough as it sounds, but thankfully, there's a way around this hassle. Many portable restroom companies offer full-size bathrooms rather than just toilets. These bathrooms have separate toilet stalls inside, plenty of space, and sinks. They're basically like permanent bathrooms, but on wheels.

Put the bathrooms far from the food and dance floor.

You don't want bathroom odor wafting out as you're cutting the cake or enjoying your first dance as husband and wife. So, place the bathrooms as far away from the dance floor and dining area as possible. Figure out which way the wind blows,and make sure you put the bathrooms upwind from the party.

Bring along some extra bathroom hygiene products.

Your bathroom rental company should include some extra toilet paper in the rental, but it's hard to predict how much everyone will use. To ensure your guests don't end up without toilet paper in the middle of the event, pack an extra package to bring along, just in case. You should also stock a few extra containers of hand soap and maybe some paper towels for hand drying.

Put baskets of grooming products in the bathrooms.

It is customary and common at weddings to put baskets of grooming products in each bathroom. If you include this special touch, it will make your outdoor bathrooms seem less rustic. In the ladies' room, some good things to include are feminine hygiene products, hairspray, combs, lotion, deodorant, and cotton swabs. In the men's room, consider putting some spray-on deodorant, combs, lotion, and razors in a basket for your guests to use.

Rent a separate bathroom for the bridal party.

The bride and groom should not have to wait in line to use the bathroom, and your bridal party will be busy -- so it's nice if they don't have to wait, either. Rent a separate bathroom for just the bridal party, and the whole event will go more smoothly.

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