Three Scenarios Where It Is Important To Remove An Oil Tank When You Have A Septic System

Posted on: 17 August 2017


Having an oil tank for heating oil and a septic tank for human waste is quite common in rural America. There is limited access to electricity for heat and no access to city plumbing. However, there are certain situations where you may need to remove the oil tank as it relates to your septic system.

The Two System Tanks Are Too Close Together

Imagine that you have heating oil sitting within feet of a septic tank that is loaded with methane and ammonia. Sounds like a bomb recipe, does it not? It is definitely a recipe for a potentially lethal situation. Dropping a lit match or cigarette butt within feet of these two tanks that are too close together can lead to a serious explosion. Moving or removing the oil tank prevents catastrophic events.

The Septic Tank Is Leaking and Needs Repair

When a septic tank below ground is leaking and needs repair, the septic crew has to excavate the tank and repair or remove it entirely. When your oil tank has underground lines that could be damaged by the excavation process, you could end up with twice the repair costs. It helps to move one tank further away from the incoming/outgoing lines of the other tank. Underground plumbing is messier to deal with, so oil tank removal may be the better option.

The Oil Tank Is No Longer in Use and Is in the Way

You never know what you will find buried on your property when you buy it. Homeowners have found everything from self-sustaining bomb shelters and bunkers to oil tanks and cesspools. The oil tank in question could be a relic that is connected to a hidden or long-forgotten bunker. It could also be something that was buried because modern updates were made to the home's heating system. Whatever the reason, if it is discovered and is in the way of the septic system's need for repairs, it will have to be removed.

Two Contractors, One Job

If any of the above scenarios currently applies to your situation, then you may need two contractors for the same job. You need the septic contractor for septic problems, and you need another contractor to remove the heating tank. These services aren't often provided by the same contractors, though you sometimes can find companies like A & A Oil Recovery Co that specialize in septic services and oil tank removal.