Tips for Selecting a Spot for Your Outdoor Party's Portable Restrooms

Posted on: 30 October 2018


If you are hosting a large outdoor party for your business, you have probably already placed renting and providing portable restrooms for your guests on your to-do list. However, as you look around the area during the planning stage, you may be lost as to where to put the bathrooms. If so, use the following tips to help you select an ideal location for the portable restrooms.

Find an Area with Flat Ground Away from Water

While you are looking over the venue's location and trying to find a good spot for the portable bathrooms, first look for any areas with flat ground on which the restrooms can rest. Because they are portable, the restrooms are lighter than permanent structures and could tip over easily if you try to place them on a hill.

Also, if your party is going to be in a park that has a lake or any running water running through it, try to position the restrooms as far away from these bodies of water as possible. Many times, areas next to the water will be soft under the surface. You do not want to have one of the restrooms sink while a guest is using it.

However, depending on the party's location, you may not be able to find a perfectly dry, flat area. If not, consider laying down plywood or pallets before the restrooms arrive to provide a stable base for them.

Pick a Spot Opposite the Eating Area

After selecting a couple of potential spots for the bathrooms, you can further narrow down your selection by considering where everyone will be enjoying their lunch, dinner, or snacks for the party. Once you know where the picnic tables are located or where folding tables will be set up, plan on putting the bathrooms on the opposite end of the area to reduce the risk of offending anyone with the odor.

However, you also do not want to place the bathrooms so far away that your guests have to hike a long way to get to them. Try to keep them within a hundred or so feet of the party, preferably downwind, so that your guests are not inconvenienced by the walk nor offended by the odor.

Using the above tips can help you select the ideal location for your portable bathrooms for your business's outdoor get-together. If you are holding your venue in an area that is making it challenging to decide where to place them, speak with the representative from the portable restroom rental service who can survey the land and help you pick out a spot.