Tips For Renting Portable Toilets For Your County Fair

Posted on: 12 December 2018


If you're involved in the planning of your local county fair, one thing you have to think about is renting portable toilets for the event. These are a few tips for renting portable toilets for your county fair.

Expect a Big Turnout at the Fair

In many places, the county fair is one of the most exciting event that might take place all year long. Even if you aren't sure of just how many people will show up at the fair, you will probably want to count on a big turnout. You don't want to underestimate how many people will show up at the fair and not have enough portable toilets for everyone. After all, if you underestimate the number of portable toilets that you need, then the people who visit the county fair will have to take more time away from viewing the exhibits, riding the rides and playing the games to wait in line for a bathroom, which is sure to take away some of the fun. Round up and come up with figures that are a bit on the higher side when renting portable toilets for the fair, and you'll make sure that everyone is accommodated.

Set Up the Portable Toilets Conveniently

Your county fair might be relatively large, and people might be able to enjoy rides, exhibits, shows and more all over the fairgrounds. You don't want the people who are attending the fair to have to walk all the way across the fairgrounds to use the restroom, so avoid clustering the portable toilets all together. Instead, distribute them all over the venue in different, convenient places so that the people who are enjoying the festivities at the fair can get to a restroom easily from any area of the fairgrounds.

Have Them Swapped Out Throughout the Event

If the county fair that is hosted in your area is like the county fairs in many areas of the country, it might be a multi-day event. The portable toilets will probably need to be pumped and cleaned out several times throughout the several days of the event, so be prepared for this. Many portable toilet rental companies will send someone out to swap out the portable toilets with clean, empty portable toilets, or they will send someone out to handle the pumping and cleaning. Then, you will make sure that there are clean facilities available for those who visit later in the week.

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