Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Septic System Running Well

Posted on: 5 February 2019


A septic system offers a way for your home to eliminate the wastewater used. A septic system is not only a vital part of a home, but it is also an effective system that works well for this purpose. Your septic system may experience problems from time to time, but there are steps you can take on a regular basis that will help you prevent problems with it. Here are the top three ways you can do this.

Use good habits in your home

The first thing you can do to keep your septic system running well is to practice good habits in your home relating to this system. One of the top good habits to have is learning what to put in your drains and what to avoid. Following this rule will help you prevent problems with the system and may help it last longer in between pumpings. The main things that are safe for your drains are water and toilet paper. Things that are not safe include cleaning products, food, hair, and grease.

Spread out your water usage

Another good rule of thumb with a septic system is to spread out your water usage. A septic system processes all the wastewater that enters in, and it divides the solids from the water. If the system receives too much water all at the same time, problems can occur. The best and easiest way to prevent this is by spreading out water usage. This means that instead of washing 10 loads of clothes every Saturday, wash one or two loads a day. Instead of all five family members showering every morning, have some shower in the morning and some at night.

Get your tank pumped on a schedule

While some people wait to call for a pumping until they have a problem, you can often avoid problems with this type of system by scheduling pumping services on a regular basis. You may want to schedule this service every two years, three years, or four years, and the frequency will depend on your family size and system size. If you are not sure how often to have this done, ask a septic repair company. They will be able to give you a good estimate as to how often your home will need the tank pumped.

If you are currently experiencing issues with this system or if you have not had your tank pumped in many years, contact a septic tank maintenance company to line up services.