Clear Out The Gunk: Why You Should Start Summer With Clean Drains

Posted on: 17 April 2019


Now that the cold weather has finally moved on, you can start thinking about all the warm weather maintenance your home needs. While you're taking care of all those needs, make sure you take the time to have your drains cleaned. This might seem like a task that you can postpone for a while, but it's not. In fact, dirty drains can cause you a lot of trouble, especially after a long winter. Take a look at just a few of the reasons you need to have your drains cleaned.

Get Ready for the Extra Use

If your drains endure additional use during the summer months, you need to make sure they start out clean. Whether you entertain guests during the summer, or all your kids are home from school, you need to know that your drains will be ready for use. The best way to do that is to start out with clean drains.

Avoid Troublesome Drain Issues

If your home is going to be filled with out of town guests this summer, you want to make sure that your drains are cleaned before they arrive. Drains are notorious for collecting large quantities of grease, hair, fecal matter, and other substances. Unfortunately, the more substances your drains collect, the more troublesome plumbing issues you'll face. Some of those issues include clogs, sluggish drains, foul odors and even septic backups. None of those issues are things that you want to deal with while you have guests staying in your home. To make sure that plumbing problems don't pop up while you're trying to entertain, have your drains cleaned right away.

Remove Winter Pests

If you were away for the winter, you could have pests living in your drains. That's because pests such as rats, mice, raccoons and even squirrels use your drains as a way to find food and lodging for the winter. Unfortunately, once they're inside your drains, they can get stuck. The best way to ensure that your drains are pest-free once you get home is to have a plumber come out and clean them. A good cleaning will remove any pests that might be trapped inside your drains.

Cleanup After Septic Service

If you're going to have your septic serviced before summer guests arrive, have your drains cleaned at the same time. A thorough drain cleaning will ensure that your entire septic system is ready to go. Dirty drains can interfere with the flow of waste to your septic system. Not only that, but when you have your drains cleaned each time your septic tank is pumped, you'll remove all the waste that's built up in the drains since the last service call.

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