4 Signs You Need To Schedule Septic Tank Cleaning Soon

Posted on: 5 February 2021


Septic tanks are generally designed to carry a fair amount of waste and sewage. Over time, they are bound to fill up and possibly overflow, causing a severe backup. With regular pumping and cleaning as part of the routine service, you should avoid septic tank failure and backup. If you want to avoid any of these scary hitches with your septic tank, you need to keep an eye out for impending issues. Ensure you schedule septic tank cleaning services when you notice the warning signs.

1. Slow Drains

One sure way to tell that your septic tank needs cleaning is by observing how your drains behave. Have you noticed unexplainedly slow drains despite cleaning them recently? This could be a clear indicator that your tank is filling up, forcing your water to take longer to flow through the plumbing system. While slow drains could be an indication of several other plumbing problems, such as clogging, consider calling in the experts for an inspection and a septic tank cleaning if necessary.

2. An Awful Stench

An overflowing septic tank will emit a stench both outside and in your home. Sewage overspill can be hard to ignore and even makes your house uninhabitable. While pipe obstruction and clogs can still cause unpleasant smells, you cannot rule out septic tank hitches. Consider calling in a plumber to inspect the plumbing system for blockages before concluding you need to schedule professional septic cleaning and pumping services.

3. It Has Been A Long Time Since the Last Septic Tank Pump

When was the last time you had your tank pumped or cleaned? If you are scratching your head to recall, it is probably time to call in the experts for septic tank cleaning services. It is common for homeowners to overlook maintenance services for the septic tank until trouble sets in. Overlooking your septic tank might cut down its life expectancy. Ensure you keep a record of how often you clean and pump your tank to ensure it doesn't get filled.

4. Sewage Backup

This is probably the most severe of glitches among overfilled septic tanks, and it needs quick intervention. If you notice sewage backup in your house and drains, take action immediately. Sewage backup poses a risk of health hazards to your loved ones and can make your house uninhabitable. Contact the septic tank cleaners to help you solve the problem before it causes major problems.

Knowing the signs of an overflowing or backed-up septic tank keeps you in a safe position to take action on time. Talk to the experts for more information and other inspection services before embarking on a septic tank cleaning session.