How Does Your Garbage Disposal Affect Your Septic Pumping Cycles?

Posted on: 29 June 2022


As a homeowner, you are fully responsible for all septic tank services. If you have a garbage disposal, you might want to use it sparingly to reduce how often your septic tank needs to be pumped. Homeowners whose homes are connected to public sewer systems might put different types of waste through the garbage disposal because the sewer system can manage it. However, in your case, you might want to learn how garbage disposal units can affect septic pumping cycles.

1. Drastic Reduction in the Effectiveness

Generally, your septic tank is designed to let solids sink and settle at the bottom of the tank while the wastewater floats above it. In a well-maintained and healthy tank, bacteria will have adequate time to break down the sludge and keep the solid levels in check.

However, homeowners who put various food waste in their disposal units tend to overwhelm this bacterial activity. The microorganisms might not effectively manage sludge levels and treat wastewater, which can cause waste to build up. You might need to increase your tank pumping frequencies to keep the waste levels in check. You should only use your garbage disposal when it's absolutely necessary to improve the effectiveness of your tank and reduce septic tank emptying cycles.

2. Unnecessary Costs

As explained above, bacteria take a long time to break down complex food pieces and grease that might flow into your septic tank from a garbage disposal system. As a result, the sludge levels will rise faster than usual and occupy more space, which causes constant overflows.

You will need to empty your tank more frequently, increasing your maintenance expenses. Therefore, you should use your garbage disposal sparingly to avoid overwhelming your septic system.

3. No Significant Environmental Benefits

Unfortunately, directing food waste into your septic tank might cause problems. Frequent clogs, backups, and overflowing tanks can harm the environment. Therefore, you need to schedule frequent pumping to protect the environment from harmful waste leaking from the tank.

Besides, there are better ways to dispose of food waste. You can convert the waste to fertilizer and compost in your garden. This will minimize buildup and allow you to save money on pumping services.

Garbage disposal units shouldn't be used as trash cans. As shown above, using them correctly goes a long way toward maintaining and reducing the septic tank pumping services you need. If you already have septic tank issues, consider contacting professionals for help. Contact a company that offers septic tank services to learn more.