Why Is Your Septic Tank Leaking? 3 Reasons You Need Expert Septic Services

Posted on: 30 September 2022


When your septic tank leaks, the wastewater inside it seeps into your backyard, contaminating the environment and exposing you to various health risks. Additionally, such leaks could cause the tank to take in too much water during the rainy season due to increased water pressure from the saturated surrounding soil. Unfortunately, you may not notice such leaks until you face serious problems like sewage backup. For this reason, it is important to hire expert septic services for periodic maintenance. Below are a few reasons your septic tank may start leaking. 

1. Damaged or Old Pipes 

Though your septic tank can serve you for many years, you cannot use it forever. That's because the tank's pipes corrode and wear out over time. When that happens, these pipes will allow wastewater to leak into the surrounding area. A new septic tank or its drain pipes can also experience damage when installed in a high-traffic area where you constantly drive over them, putting them under a lot of pressure. Also, if you have trees on your property, their roots might grow deep and obstruct the pipeline. As a result, these pipes will crack, causing leaks around your property. 

2. Excessive Use of Cleaning Products

Your septic tank relies on certain bacteria to break down the solid waste and work efficiently. Unfortunately, most cleaning products have chemicals that can kill these bacteria. Therefore, using too many cleaning products can destroy the bacteria in the septic tank, affecting the tank's overall efficiency. Since there won't be bacteria to break down the solid waste, your tank will fill up quickly and leak into your backyard. For this reason, it is best to hire experts to clean your septic tank since they use safe cleaning methods that don't kill the bacteria inside it.

3. Neglect or Delayed Repairs

Like all other features in your home, the septic system needs regular maintenance. In fact, experts recommend getting your tank cleaned and pumped professionally every few years. Professional pumping helps clear out any solid buildup in the tank. Otherwise, allowing the solid waste to accumulate for years will eventually lead to clogs that increase the pressure, causing leaks.

Delaying your septic tank's cleaning, using excessive cleaning products, and ignoring worn-out tank pipes can cause leaks. Sadly, sewage leaks from your septic tank are annoying and expose you and your loved ones to serious health risks. That's why it is vital to seek septic cleaning and maintenance services to enhance your septic tank's efficiency and prevent leaks. 

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