4 Pro Tips To Help You Get Clean And Efficient Drains

Posted on: 29 November 2022


Drains are a crucial part of the waste management system in the home. Sadly, few know how to maintain them and prevent them from forming complications. Given this, it is common to hear most complaining about sewer and drainage problems in their homes. So, if you have been experiencing these problems, here are some drain-cleaning hacks that can help restore order in your home.

Using Hot Water

Extremely hot water is among the simple tricks that can help remove all the dirt lodged in your pipes. The high-temperature liquid and steam have the ability to dislodge any grease lined up on the sides of the plumbing. You should know that grease is the glue that holds together the rest of the gunk, creating clogs inside the plumbing. To remove it, combine your water and soap, pour it down the drain, and wait for the results.

Using the Vacuum

Did you know that you can use your vacuum cleaner as a plunger with more power and suction? To do this, set the machine to liquid mode and create a tight seal on the pipe you want to unclog. Once you run your appliance, it should suck the clog right out of the plumbing and into the bag. That said, note that this is not a guaranteed method and does not mean your drain will stay clean. However, it is worth a try when you have a plumbing problem. More so, you might have to try it several times before you get results.

Using Baking Soda

You can add several things to baking soda to help remove clogs from your drainage. These include lime water, cream of tartar, salt, and vinegar. To do this, create a solution of baking soda and one of the other ingredients, add it to water, and pour it down the drain. The resulting mixture strips the grease off the walls of drainage pipes and leaves them clean.

Call the Plumber

Call the plumber for professional drain cleaning and unclogging if you try all the tricks but still have problems with your drainage system. Note that drain cleaning service professionals use highly specialized tools that can mechanically or chemically remove any stubborn clog from the drain and prevent recurring problems.

Consult a plumber when you have drain problems that you cannot solve. They will help you determine the best way to remove the clog from their drainage pipes. They could also help you with tips to maintain your system in excellent condition.