Is Your Septic System Struggling? 3 Reasons To Contact A Septic Tank Pumping Service

Posted on: 27 February 2023


Residential septic systems are typically capable of providing decades of dependable service, with little need for maintenance or repair. In fact, most only require that the homeowner schedule periodic tank pumping services to keep their septic tank and drainfield fully functional. There are, however, some instances where more frequent septic pumping service calls are necessary. 

When the septic system is or has become undersized

Septic systems are designed and constructed to meet the waste processing needs of the house, based on the number of occupants the home is expected to have at the time of installation. The number of occupants can change, sometimes significantly, making the original septic tank and drainfield undersized. 

This most often occurs when families increase in size as couples have children or when the home is sold and becomes occupied by a larger family.  An undersized septic system issue can also arise when the original home is renovated to expand the square footage and additional bathrooms are added. While undersized septic systems should be replaced with a larger system, a more frequent schedule of septic pumping services can often be used successfully until the new, larger septic system can be installed. 

When the septic system is misused 

Misuse of the septic system can also require that homeowners contact a residential septic pumping service. A healthy septic system becomes much less efficient at processing waste when misuse occurs on a frequent basis.

Examples of septic system misuse include flushing indigestible materials down the toilet, such as cat litter, ashes, disposable diapers, cotton swabs, and cigarette butts. It can also include allowing some types of kitchen waste, like grease and oily liquids, as well as household chemicals and strong cleaning products, like bleach to be flushed down the home's drains. 

When the septic system nears the end of its usable lifespan

Even the most dependable septic system will eventually be near the end of its lifespan and become less efficient at processing household wastewater and solids. When this occurs, homeowners may be able to continue to use their older septic system for a few more years by having it inspected and pumped out on a much more frequent schedule. 

Septic pumping services can help homeowners maintain a properly working septic system and also provide solutions when problems arise. In addition to pumping the septic tank, many pumping services also offer inspections and repair services.

For more information on septic tank pumping, contact a professional near you.