About The Problems Of Main Sewer Line Clogs

Posted on: 26 April 2023


When grass becomes lusher and greener in certain areas of the yard than in other areas, a serious problem could be at hand. There could be a sewage problem in the area of the yard where the grass is healthier, such as from the main sewer line leaking waste. If you are experiencing problems with the plumbing fixtures in your home, the main sewer line might be to blame. If the sewer line is clogged, multiple plumbing fixtures can malfunction at the same time and cause additional problems. The main sewer line might need to be cleaned out by a professional to remove the clog.

What Problems Can a Clogged Sewer Line Cause?

Other than the problems previously mentioned in this article, several other things can happen when the main sewer line is clogged. For example, due to the main sewer line being the most important line, waste can flow out of every plumbing fixture at once when a clog is present. The reason is due to the smaller sewer lines not being able to properly release waste into the main sewer line. The odor of sewage and slow-draining plumbing fixtures might be noticed as well. You might also notice smelly puddles of water in your yard when there has been no rainfall.

How Can a Sewer Line Leak Make Grass Healthier?

If the main sewer line has any cracks and becomes clogged, the pressure from the waste can lead to seepage into the soil. Keep in mind that the main sewer line is located beneath the ground, such as near the area where smelly puddles have formed. The reason a sewer line leak makes grass healthier is because the waste seeping through the soil contains nutrients. For example, the seepage of waste can be compared to using manure for fertilizing crops. The main sewer line should be cleaned as soon as possible to stop waste from seeping through the soil, as the waste is toxic.

Why Should a Sewer Line Be Professionally Cleaned?

When it comes to cleaning the main sewer line, the task is more difficult than cleaning smaller lines. For example, it is possible to clean a small line inside your home by using a drain cleaning product. On the other hand, the main sewer line is large and beneath the ground in your yard. General drain cleaning products are not sufficient for cleaning the main line. You need to hire a professional who can use jetting equipment to push the waste out of the main line.

For more information on clogged sewer line cleaning, contact a professional near you.